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75mm Cavity Wall Insulation Slab 37 (4.37m2/Pack)

75mm Cavity Wall Insulation Slab 37 (4.37m2/Pack)

Elevate your space with 75mm cavity slabs - the ultimate solution for energy efficiency and comfort. Seal in savings, seal out the cold - transform your home today!

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75mm thickGlass Mineral Wool cavity slabs with a total coverage of 4.37m². Semi-rigid and rigid glass mineral wool slabs well-known for their water-repellent and non-combustible qualities. They are excellent for conventional upright wall tie spacings, ensuring a secure joint with adjoining slabs.
  • Length: 1200mm.
  • Width: 455mm.
  • Thickness: 75mm.
  • Coverage: 4.37m².
  • Slabs: 8 boards.
  • Material type: Mineral glass wool.
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.037 W/mK.

Suitable for structures up to 12m high in any exposure zone and multi-storey uses up to 25m. As a pro tip, remember that tightly knitting the slabs together eliminates air gaps within the neighbouring slabs ensuring stronger and better insulation.

Cavity Slabs pose no threat to the environment and contribute zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and have a low Global Warming Potential. Insulation mineral wool is created by making use of a bio-based and innovative formaldehyde-free binder technology. The raw materials for these Insulation cavity slabs are renewable materials, rather than petroleum-based compounds. The glass mineral wool water-repellent insulation slabs pass on higher environmental sustainability making them extremely eco-friendly.


  • Premium glass mineral wool
  • Sturdy slabs
  • Sold in pallets
  • Fire-safe
  • Water-repellent
  • Scent-free, rot proof
  • Eco-friendly insulation
  • Water-vapour resistant: No


For a continued protection on-site, store the slabs indoors. Keep them covered by a weatherproof tarpaulin and off the ground. Do not leave the pallets outdoors, permanently exposed to the elements.


Our Cavity Slabs are produced as per BS EN 13162, EN 16001 Energy Management Systems, OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems, ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems, and ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems, as approved by Bureau Veritas.

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What are 75mm cavity slabs?
75mm cavity slabs are insulation materials designed to fit within the cavities of walls, providing an effective barrier against heat loss and enhancing energy efficiency in buildings.

How do 75mm cavity slabs work?
These slabs create a thermal barrier within wall cavities, preventing the transfer of heat between the interior and exterior of a building. This helps maintain a comfortable temperature inside and reduces energy consumption.

What are the benefits of using 75mm cavity slabs?
The primary benefits include improved energy efficiency, reduced heating and cooling costs, and enhanced thermal comfort. Additionally, they contribute to sound insulation and can assist in meeting building regulations.

Are 75mm cavity slabs suitable for all types of construction?
Yes, these slabs are versatile and can be used in various construction types, including residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. They are compatible with both new constructions and retrofitting existing structures.

How are 75mm cavity slabs installed?
Installation typically involves fitting the slabs into the wall cavities during the construction process. Professional installers ensure a proper fit, creating a seamless insulation layer that maximizes performance.

Do 75mm cavity slabs require maintenance?
No, once installed, these slabs require minimal maintenance. They are durable and designed to provide long-lasting insulation without the need for regular upkeep.

Are 75mm cavity slabs environmentally friendly?
Many 75mm cavity slabs are made from sustainable and recyclable materials, contributing to environmentally friendly construction practices. Always check the product specifications for details on environmental impact.

Can 75mm cavity slabs help with noise reduction?
Yes, in addition to thermal insulation, these slabs often offer acoustic benefits, helping to reduce noise transmission between rooms and from external sources.

Are there any specific safety considerations when using 75mm cavity slabs?
It's crucial to follow the manufacturer's guidelines and recommendations for safe installation. Ensure that the chosen product complies with relevant safety standards and regulations.


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