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S235 Mild Steel Circular Hollow Tube - 7.5m Lengths

S235 Mild Steel Circular Hollow Tube - 7.5m Lengths

Elevate your projects with unyielding strength! Our mild steel tubes: precision-crafted for durability, versatility, and seamless success in every construction endeavor.

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Introducing our S235 Mild Steel Circular Tubes, the epitome of reliability and versatility in structural solutions. Crafted with precision and engineered for excellence, these tubes are designed to elevate your projects to new heights.

At a generous 6 meters in length, our S235 Mild Steel Circular Tubes offer the flexibility needed for a variety of applications, from construction to manufacturing. The S235 grade ensures a minimum yield strength of 235 N/mm², providing the durability required for structural integrity and peace of mind.

Whether you're constructing frameworks, creating support structures, or engaging in diverse fabrication projects, these circular tubes are your go-to choice. Their seamless design and consistent dimensions streamline the construction process, saving you time and effort.

Invest in a material that combines form and function effortlessly. With the S235 Mild Steel Circular Tubes, you not only get the assurance of top-notch quality but also the convenience of a 6-meter length that minimizes joints and enhances the overall stability of your creations.

Choose excellence, choose reliability – choose S235 Mild Steel Circular Tubes for a seamless fusion of strength and precision in every project. Your vision deserves nothing less.

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Q: What is S235 mild steel, and why is it suitable for tube applications?

A: S235 mild steel is a structural steel grade known for its balanced strength and formability. Ideal for tube applications, it ensures durability and versatility in various construction and fabrication projects.

Q: What lengths are available for S235 mild steel tubes?

A: Our S235 mild steel tubes are available in a standard length of 6 meters, providing optimal flexibility for a wide range of construction and manufacturing needs.

Q: Are S235 mild steel tubes suitable for welding and fabrication?

A: Absolutely. S235 mild steel tubes are known for their excellent weldability and formability, making them easy to work with for welding and various fabrication processes.

Q: Can S235 mild steel tubes be used for outdoor applications?

A: While S235 mild steel exhibits good resistance to atmospheric corrosion, for extended outdoor use, it's advisable to consider additional protective measures, such as coatings or galvanization, to ensure prolonged durability.

Q: What industries are best suited for S235 mild steel tubes?

A: S235 mild steel tubes find application across diverse industries, including construction, manufacturing, and fabrication. They are commonly used in the creation of frameworks, support structures, and other structural components.

Q: Are there specific certifications or standards that S235 mild steel tubes adhere to?

A: Yes, S235 mild steel tubes typically adhere to industry standards, with common certifications such as EN 10025, ensuring compliance with European norms for structural steel. Always refer to product documentation for specific details.

Q: Can I purchase S235 mild steel tubes in different dimensions?

A: Our S235 mild steel tubes are currently offered in standard dimensions. However, for specific inquiries or custom requirements, please reach out to our sales team, and we'll be happy to discuss your needs.

Q: How do I order S235 mild steel tubes, and what quantities are available?

A: Ordering is convenient through our authorized distributors, or you can contact our sales team directly. We offer flexibility in quantities, accommodating both small-scale projects and bulk orders. Connect with us to discuss your specific requirements.

If you have additional questions or require further information, our customer support team is ready to assist you. Your satisfaction and success in your projects are our top priorities.


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