How are shipping costs calculated?

Shipping costs are calculated based on shipping method (air, sea or land) and product weight / volume. Different shipping companies have different rates, so it’s best to check and compare which is most affordable and economical. For more details on how shipping costs are calculated, please contact us directly.

What is Buyer Protection?

Buyer Protection is a set of guarantees that enables buyers to shop with confidence on our website.

You are protected when:

  • The item you ordered did not arrive within the time promised by the seller.
  • The item you received was not as described.
  • The item you received that was assured to be genuine was fake.

Do you offer free returns and refunds on all of your items?

Yes! We want you to have the best experience when shopping with us, so please do not be hesitant if you are unsatisfied with your order. We can guarantee a full refund of your money up to and including 30 days after you have ordered with us.

Can I post photos/videos on my social media pages?

Absolutely! We encourage all our customers to do this if they are really happy with their items :)